Rockin' Bones

Authentic Rockabilly!

Rockin' Bones: "Swingin' Rockabilly Bop!"

Authentic rockabilly speaks both to the people who grew up in that era and to those with more modern musical tastes; to long-time fans and new converts alike, it readily becomes apparent that the purest form of a genre is often the earliest.

The Rockin' Bones stay true to the original classic rockabilly styles of such artists as Gene Vincent and The Blue CapsEddie Cochran, Johnny Burnette and The Rock and Roll Trio, Carl Perkins and early Elvis Presley. The Rockin' Bones strive to capture the essence of the swinging, beat-crazy music that gave birth to Rock and Roll as we know it!

Each musician in the band has an extensive background and collectively their musical careers span the past twenty years. This group has come together out of their love of roots music and rockabilly.

The music The Rockin' Bones play celebrates the origin of rock and roll.

Rockin' Bones are:

Eddie Day – Vocals

Thierry Lenoir – Bass

Bruce Katsu - Guitar

KLo – Rhythm Guitar


  The band not only draws a loyal base of rockabilly fans which has followed them since their beginnings, but has also proven instantly appealing to the casual bar patron: the music is infectious, widely enjoyable, and readily appreciated.